Morning Star: A collection of short science-fiction and fantasy stories (2020)

Book description

"Let me tell you a story that will tell you twelve.
Upon arrival at its designated planet, Helsey 8K, Seedship Morning Star suffers a catastrophic accident. An asteroid rips through its cockpit's bridge connector, killing 2 and stranding Captain Irene Deris within.
Irene's best way to remain calm and collected throughout the ordeal of her rescue and beyond: a book, written by ship's first pilot, Adam.
She is eventually recovered by her crew, but even though that part of her journey is over, she finds herself compelled to keep reading.
Her intrigue is piqued by stories about mechas starting a new universe, in a new dimension. Artificial intelligence will deceive alien invaders to save her human love. A teddy bear will save a child's life and a demon will roam the Earth.
Stunningly questionable decisions will turn experiments into nightmares, authorities will be duped by mysterious abductors and broken hearts will get their revenge.

Read together with Irene as she saves the Morning Star and prepares to begin a whole new life"

  August 31, 2020

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"Morning Star by Dorian Keys is a stellar science fiction book! I was taken on one marvellous adventure to another in this book of short stories that all tie together by one narrative, and I honestly think this is a fantastic book to start people off in the science-fiction genre.

It’s actually quite a chill sci-fi novel in the sense that there are SO many mini themes and genres of romance and fantasy for example, within the short stories in the book. Although the description says it’s a collection of short stories, I would argue it’s one novel with many literary treasures pieced together in a wonderful fictional puzzle.

Beside the fact that the stories of this book are so creative and unique, Keys’ writing is so well done that I was engaged from the very start. It’s not really heavy sci-fi writing which I’ve found can be deterring as it can be so hard to focus, especially with so much detail that sci-fi books can have. Keys’ does an amazing job in keeping it simple yet interesting and with just enough detail to make you focus but not hurt your head in the process.

The book had built up a great climax between the short stories, and the length of each short story was not enough to deter my thoughts away from the central narrative, allowing time for me to enjoy the other pieces but still letting me be excited for the next part of the main story to come.

As it is a collection of short stories, Keys’ had a monstrous job in portraying so many different characters and I applaud his efforts, because the way he depicts the characters and traits was really well done and made them stand out. With regards to his writing again, it was written in a way that you can tell the difference between each character’s POV and dialogue (I know it seems silly to note but surprisingly some authors have trouble with this) and I was thrilled to not be lost or confused between each character throughout the whole book.

Morning Star by Dorian Keys is a sensational science fiction collection that captures the imagination." -Literary Titan



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