Castle walls

February 6th 2021 | #Bitts #Observation #Scifi

Eroded immage.

You built this magnificent castle. Thick walls, protected what you created. Tall and true, they challenged the gods.

Blinded by your success, you allowed vultures inside. The confident feeling of being invincible blinded you to their actions.

Alas, slowly but surely, they carved those walls. Little by little, they began to chip at them.

Now, my friend, the thick walls have thinned. Almost transparent in places, I can see hyenas roaming inside.

Now, you truly live in a castle of cards. The slightest whisper shakes it's walls. The 'roaring' leak of calm air sounds ominous.

Now, your creation is vulnerable. Whispers intensifying... ...I know, you never thought you would be threatened by a mere whisper. But here we are.

Are you just going to cower inside your castle of cards? Or...

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