In a heartbeat

September 26th 2021 | #Action #Bitts #Observation

In a heartbeat.

“Control! Please help!” The portable radio crackled.

We both looked at the dhashboard, it usually displayed the nature and location of all radio transmissions. This one didn’t.

“Please help!” The radio crackled once again before a flurry of transmissions ensued from other similarly confused units asking for its location.

“Thirty first and first!” The same voice screamed, “behind the building...” The transmission interrupted.

The beep that would usually accompanied the ending of transmissions was absent. It meant a few things, either that unit left the key pressed and shut the portable radio off, or it moved out of the range. Both explanations didn’t make sense.

“Drive!” My partner closed his window and activated the loud sirens. “Move! Go!”

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