February 6th 2021 | #Action #Bitts #Focused Scene

Get ready!

"Can you move your hand?" He looked at his partner sitting against the wall.

"No," he nodded bowing his head tightening his grip on his bleeding shoulder wound.

"How bad is it?"

"I can speak, so it's not a chest wound."

Kneeling he took the belt off one of the dead bodies and his gun.

Tying his left wrist he passed the belt around his shoulder, around his neck and tied it bringing his wrist close to his chest.

"This should do it, take this I need you to watch my back."

He placed the chamber of the handgun on top of his right heel and racked the slide. the gun was empty.

"I need a magazine."

He turned one of the dead around and removed one of his magazines from his shoulder holster, here.

Placing the magazine, rounds up, on the back of his knee he kneeled. After ejecting the empty one he inserted it into his gun and racked it on the back of his heel again.

"I'm ready."

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